Discover Flex-N-Dry™ Tape

Seals Joints, Absorbs Movement, Minimizes Cracking Risk & Helps Dry Walls with a Crisp, Professional-Looking Soft Joint.

Introducing the Superior Soft Joint Solution

Create a soft joint in one step with just one product, reducing the use of casing beads, backer rod and unsightly caulk.

Introducing Flex-N-Dry Tape, a soft joint solution that provides labor and material savings in masonry and stucco applications.

This solution gives the installer the chance to produce a clean crisp transition at penetrations, material transitions and cladding terminations without having to rely on the art work of a caulk gun or the temperature limitations of caulk.

Flex-N-Dry Tape absorbs differential movement to limit cracking while defending against wind driven rain.

Flex-N-Dry Tape is also moisture vapor permeable, which increases the drying potential, leading to a healthier wall.



SimplifiedRequires no casing bead, no backer rod and no caulk or sealant. Reduces the number of fastener penetrations in the primary weather barrier
Minimal PreparationRequires minimal to no surface preparation and no primer is needed. Requires no mixing or masking.
PreciseDoes not require an artistic caulk/sealant applicator to achieve a crisp, clean, and uniform look.
DurableCan be installed in temperatures as low as Zero or as high as 100°F. Is impregnated with anti-fungal, UV protection and fire retarder.
Moisture ControlIs vapor permeable allowing moisture vapor to escape, helps walls dry faster, and keeps wind and rain out.
Weather DefenseProvides flexible weather defense at transitions to fiber cement, composite and vinyl siding as well as all common trim materials. Weather Resistance is supported by annual laboratory testing of harsh weathering conditions since 1965.
Reduces LeaksSince no casing bead is required, using Flex-N-DryTM Tape reduces fastener penetrations in the primary water resistive barrier, reducing risk of leaks.
Easy MaintenanceCleanup requires no solvents and can be cleaned with simple soap and water. Can be painted with acrylic paint if needed, or removed and replaced, without the need to cut, scrape or grind.
CompatibleCompatible with many sealants should you find the need to top coat it. Chemically compatible with most residential and commercial construction substrates.
FlexibleAbsorbs differential movement while remaining permanently flexible, so it won’t become brittle over time.
Eco-FriendlyHas low volatility, enabling interior use in addition to exterior use.
WarrantyComes with a 3-year Limited Warranty and when used around windows it helps meet warranty requirements to prevent masonry bind.
Product Details

Product Details

Roll Length:    10.9′

Tape Width:    5/8″

Application Range:    3/8″ – 5/8″ Joint

Color Options:    Shadow Line Black or Mortar Grey

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